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Global Physician-Leadership Stream

Established in 1981 with 60 students, the Faculty of Medicine at CUHK has since emerged as one of the top medical schools in Asia. Instead of resting on its laurels, the Faculty continues to innovate and excel in medical education.  

Though standing in a time of great promise in health care, we are also facing unprecedented challenges in the profession. The modern healthcare system is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with an emphasis on management hierarchy and partnership with various professions. In an era of technology explosion and ultra-specialization, doctors are disposed to be trained as technicians with specialized skills.This new practice challenges the fine balance between technology and humanity in modern medicine. To date, health problems are precipitated by interactions of global epidemiological factors such as climate, economics, and culture. To address these problems, there comes a great need to cultivate a new generation of conscientious, well rounded physicians with a global perspective and leadership skills. In response to this need, the Global Physician-Leadership Stream (GPS) (環球醫學領袖培訓專修組別) of the MBChB programme was established in 2013, as the first undergraduate medical leadership programme in Asia. In addition to providing students with a core professional training in medical knowledge, skills and attitudes, GPS aims to prepare them to become future medical leaders for local and international communities, and in whatever area they choose to practice.  

As a unique programme in the Faculty of Medicine at CUHK, GPS offers personalized mentorship scheme, medical leadership workshops, supervised projects and internship opportunities in world renowned universities. Under the one-on-one mentorship scheme, each student will be assigned a dedicated academic advisor who will assist him/her throughout the study period. Outstanding GPS students will have opportunities to participate in funded overseas exchanges, internship and graduate studies at top institutions overseas, thereby gaining international exposure.

 We seek well rounded applicants with high scholastic potential and an international perspective; who are technically competent, adept at solving problems; who demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility, ethical behavior, patience and compassion. Most importantly, they should be committed to preserving the health of the community; and possess a passion in lifelong learning and inquiry. 

On behalf of our faculty, I would like to welcome new students to our programme. Together, we will look ahead and build on our reputation for innovation, discovery and excellence so we may continue to contribute to the health and well being of individuals and communities.

Professor Simon NG
Director, Global Physician-Leadership Stream (GPS)



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