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“It is more blessed to give than to receive”

 – by Professor Martin CS Wong

Associate Professor, The Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care, CUHK

19th November, 2014 

      Professor Martin Wong, an awardee of the First Outstanding Volunteer Award (2005), the Hong Kong Humanity Award (2009), Award of benevolence (Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwanese Charity Trust and RTHK) (2010), Ten Outstanding Young Persons (2012) and also the Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal (2012), was invited to share his inspiring volunteer experience with GPS students in the November Workshop.

Professor Wong is more than an outstanding medical leader, but a medical volunteer, who demonstrates strong passion in improving the spiritual and physical care of patients in need. He starts involved in voluntary works since secondary school and his enthusiasm keeps growing. He remarked, the best learning was not from textbooks, but from your exposures, and you could always find ‘the most unexpected rewards of the unexpected’ in community services.

When being asked, what motivated him to keep serving the community, Professor Wong said, it was the responsibility of medical leaders to serve, ‘Vision, Passion, Courage, Character, Self-Believe, Competence and Discipline’ are his 7 secrets to success. He reminded students of GPS, to be persevering, humble and compassionate. They could always borrow wisdom from successful people and become true leaders, who were selfless individuals committed to creating positive changes in themselves and others. 




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Prof. Wong shared his experiences in voluntary services when he was still a secondary student.