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Medical Leadership

by Professor Henry Chan

Assistant Dean (External Affairs)


8th October, 2014

     Professor Henry Chan, an outstanding medical leader, was invited to present a lecture about Medical Leadership to all GPS students, who were joining the Leadership Workshop of GPS programme for the first time.

    The workshop stimulated a fruitful discussion on the current and future roles of medical professionals in Hong Kong. Students actively participated in the sharing session and raised questions on the knowledge and personal qualities that a medical professional should have.




Training Tomorrow’s Mentors

 – by Professor Simon Ng

Assistant Dean (Learning Experience)


15th October, 2014

   A series of leadership training has been designed to equip GPS students an extensive knowledge to becoming medical leaders of tomorrow. Prof. Simon Ng was invited to provide training for our students on effective mentoring skills in one of the workshops.

    Through discussions and presentations, students not only shared their own views, but also learnt the essential mentoring skills from others. 











P1010709 small
Prof. Chan elaborated how medical landscape changes with the times.
P1010784 small
Prof. Ng’s mentoring experience has guided and inspired students to becoming future mentors.
P1010840 small
Students were presenting their views during the workshop.