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The Global Physician-Leadership Stream offers a Personal Mentorship Scheme that assigns to students an eminent and dedicated scholar, to help them navigate the demands of their medical studies and social life at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The mentors are scholars distinguished in the fields of research, humanitarian, social services and administration. They will recognize their mentees' interests, strengths and weaknesses and based on their interactions, will provide the most personalized and useful advice to their mentees.

A Personalized Guidance

Mentors will guide mentees in their academic studies, advise them on their personal development and transition to university. Based on a close relationship, mentors can identify mentees' strengths, weaknesses, and career aspirations so the former can help the latter find resources and opportunities appropriate for their career plans and provide them the most personal and specific guidance.

As a result, students will benefit from their mentors' nurture and be well equipped for the different roles they choose take on in the medical field.

Fostering of a global perspective

Through the mentorship scheme, students are encouraged to develop a global perspective, which raises their awareness of, and respect for perspectives different from their own.

Mentors will provide support to students to help them engage in research and internship at overseas institutions so they will be able to explore their interests and pursue their career goals in an international setting.

GPS Mentors